About us

The Marshals Group PLC

(Public Limited Company, Registered in England & Wales)

(FILES) -- A file photo taken on January 7, 2010 shows an armed Somali pirate along the coastline while the Greek cargo ship, MV Filitsa, is seen anchored just off the shores of Hobyo, northeastern Somalia, where its being held by pirates. On the 20th anniversary of president Mohamed Siad Barre's ouster that triggered Somalia's descent into chaos and one of Africa's longest civil wars, prospects for peace remain slim, analysts said. The Horn of Africa country is now best known to the outside world for being the place that inspired the Hollywood war movie "Black Hawk Down" and the reason the term "failed state" was coined. AFP PHOTO / MOHAMED DAHIR (Photo credit should read MOHAMED DAHIR/AFP/Getty Images)

The Marshals Group is a holding company initiated to cater for the ownership, management and development of several companies in the complex security industry. Most companies within our group were initially focused on maritime security, but has today expanded to land, air and online solutions and are established to serve the demand of clients and security needs around the world.

Mission Statement

To develop and grow every company within the group by marketing unique solutions existing or under development within the group and to become a single resource that exceptionally serves the complex security at sea industry.

Our Companies

Companies within The Marshals Groups are 100% owned by the group and all belong to the complex security industry niche. Every company is based on client and industry demands, effectively providing the required solutions. Their objectives include:

  • Offering custom-developed software solutions
  • Manufacture of hardware assets for navies, coast guards, police and private security firms
  • Developing intelligent risk management solutions
  • Innovation and design of products for use at sea
  • Deliverance of armed personnel

The Marshals Group holds the responsibility of and effectively works to grow each company by utilizing the mutual resources available within the group and its companies. We identify the assets that are under performing and deliver expert management that maximizes efficiency and results in high value and returns. We are proud to help each company’s expansion via shared management, marketing, and solutions. This way, we are not just serving the companies within our group but also the complex security industry in the most efficient, superior, and advanced manner.



our advantages

By centrally owning and managing them, we can easily grow and expand these companies and in turn, help the industry. Utilizing staff, resources, solutions, and management on a shared basis paves way for The Marshals Group to maximize the efficiency of assets while minimizing costs.