RiskMap.com Updated System (2.0) Launched

Since the launch of  www.riskmap.com in Feb 2016 RiskMap Intelligence Ltd’s developers has been busy working on an updated version that includes more of the functions we aim to deliver to clients.rm-logo1

Today we went live with the new version to selected users who were offered a custom link to the new system.

So what is really the difference between “beta” and “2.0”?

Firstly we have added more categories and sub-categories so it's easier to find the specific threat and get a better understanding of the situation in an area.

We have also greatly improved the accuracy in of the locations of events.

We have more than tripled the amount of sourced used to gather information and we keep adding more.rm-view1

We have added an API so that larger organizations can use RiskMap’s info straight into their own systems. This is especially handy for system developers and app developers who can now use RiskMap’s intelligence gathered information straight into their own systems.

About RiskMap Intelligence Ltd.

Powered by Intelligine (Intelligence-Engine), RiskMap is a free to use security and risk mapping platform. Providing an innovative way to view and categorise real-time security threats, RiskMap has been designed to provide an instant insight into the cities, ports, countries or regions of global concern. Operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,rm-cat RiskMap scales to meet the demanding requirements of today's data exchange. Sourcing information via machine learning, crowd-sourced, social media, localised and global media and the dark web, RiskMap outperforms teams of analysts by processing thousands of articles every day. Categorizing individual threats across a number of key risk areas, including security, health and immigration, RiskMap offers unparalleled access to the data required to keep organizations and their staff safe and secure. Trusted by NGO’s, Media Organizations, Journalists, Military Advisers, CSOs and Global Corporations, RiskMap has established itself as the leading intelligence platform. A low-cost subscription service offers real-time alerts via email and SMS, whilst a robust API allows functional integration to existing platforms and portals to extend current security solutions.

RiskMap.com is registered Trademark of RiskMap Intelligence Ltd.

RiskMap Intelligence Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of The Marshals Group PLC (UK)

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