The Marshals Group of companies

Specializing in the active management of owned companies serving the complex security industry.

Welcome to The Marshals Group, a central resource within which you can find many companies operating to serve the demands of security at sea. We’re providing expert management expertise to our companies and partners and subsequently delivering value to the industry.

At The Marshals Group, we are proud owners of

  • SeaMarshals Risk Management Ltd.,
  • Land Marshals Ltd.,
  • RiskMap Intelligence Ltd.,
  • Veeoo Ltd.,
  • Oceanic Surveillance Ltd.,
  • TP-Marine Group.

Each company has diverse objectives to provide security, ranging from the deployment of armed guards for protecting ships to the development of risk management solutions, manufacture of surface drones, and more.

By centrally owning and managing them, we can easily grow and expand these companies and in turn, help the industry. Utilizing staff, resources, solutions, and management on a shared basis paves way for The Marshals Group to maximize the efficiency of assets while minimizing costs.

At The Marshals Group, we look at our ownership and management not just as a central role but also as a core responsibility that we must fulfill. We are committed to the companies we own as well as the complex security industry.

Our vision resonates with establishing an industry that is secure, protected, and advanced by the utilization of superior solutions delivered by each of our companies.