RiskMap Intelligence Ltd


Risk Map is a free to use security and risk mapping system that provides a new and unique way of viewing and categorizing up to the minute security threats from around the world.

Our easy to use platform is designed to riskmap1provide instant insight into the cities, port, countries or regions that are specific to your business. Risk Map allows you to apply personal filters, to ensure that you can get direct access to the information that matters to you and your organisation.

Risk Map categorizes threats across a number of key risk areas, including but not exclusive too;

  • Securityriskmap2
  • Health
  • Immigration

Using a specially designed algorithm Risk Map is able to keep track of a wide scope of news sources. Processing up to 5000 articles an hour from hundreds of news sources it can categorize information, identify affected areas and highlight the appropriate threat level by applying a specially designed algorithm. Risk Map ensures that you have up-to-date threat intelligence globally as it happens.