Veeoo Ltd

Veeoo Ltd is the groups IT Company that develops specialist software related to the security industry. The following software is already developed and in use within the group, or being sold to 3rd parties.


Software developed for Private Maritime Security Companies.
A complete software solution for planning and tracking of the tasks that a PMSC face in their daily operation.

Includes all features needed to comply with latest regulations and ISO28007 compliant operations.


Market leading solution with only one or two  competitors. NO one that offers any similar solution as a whole.

Multi user,  cloud CMS3based with client log in for complete transparency.

Fully owned unique software.

Intelligence Engine

Software that powers RiskMap.comriskmap1

Collects and places news as they are published. On it is configured to use keywords related to risk and intelligence. Software can be configured to build a view and rank any form of information. From the current use as a risk intelligence analyst tool the software suite has many alternative usages and markets where it can be implemented..

Fully owned and unique software.

Only copy sold is to RiskMap Intelligence Ltd, a company in the same group who has the full rights to its copy of the software. No resale rights issued.



Software for auto creation of summery from articles online.

Used by for summarizing long detailed info to shorter more publishable info.

Also uses a spider to collect info about organisations, persons, and other intelligence used on

Has a BOT that publishes summaries on articles on

Summery service available online for 3rd party users on

Fully owned unique software.


Other developments in Veeoo include software for managing and controlling the surface drones currently being developed by sister company Oceanic Surveillance ltd and software solutions for tracking controlled goods used with in the maritime security industry.